Bump in the Road Theatre

NORTHWEST THEATRE WORKSHOP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit theatre company. It was founded in March 2002 under the name Bump in the Road Theater and began its transition into becoming NORTHWEST THEATRE WORKSHOP in 2016.

NWTW creates, develops, and produces new work by local playwrights and performance-makers and connects that work with audiences.

NWTW envisions an explosion of new work that engages audiences with as many voices as possible, to empower live theatre as an active and timely cultural force.

Core Values:
NWTW’s core values are inclusivity, transparency, diversity, courageous risk taking, and stewardship of both theatrical tradition and future vision.

NWTW is in the midst of refining and demonstrating its purpose through this premiere, 2016-2017 season. The initial vision began in 2014 with the Cantilever Project, a short-term response to the challenges facing the development and production of new plays and performance pieces. The goal was to provide critical tools and resources that facilitate new work, in a context that honors the creator’s individuality and independent spirit. That program inaugurated several new works and gathered much interest among local artists.

NWTW serves the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area with programs that:

  • Create new work through text-based and exploratory workshops designed to turn an idea into a fully realized script or performance.
  • Develop the work through private and group sessions with directors and other professionals to assess and fine-tune its potential, followed by audience tests to see if it achieves intent.
  • Produce two or more shows at a time, by collaborating with fellow producing artists to build an artistic team, raise funds, promote, and co-produce the work with NWTW. The joint premieres are presented in rotation at a single venue, which allows them to share costs and audiences, while giving audiences more variety of content and opportunities to attend.
  • Connect each artist’s core audience with NWTW’s growing base, through ticket offers and promotional campaigns, while also reaching out to new audiences that have meaningful connections to the content of each new play.
  • Emerging Artist support to fuel Portland’s creative future. We’ve partnered with the University of Portland to offer work to current and recent students as assistant dramaturges, designers, and other key roles. This internship is mentored by NWTW’s professional team, giving old hands a chance to share their knowledge, and students a hands-on experience in the design and production of professional-level world premieres.