New Works Workshop: Videos, Feedback and Testimonials

Our Fall 2015 New Works Workshops was with directors Sam Hull, Michelle Seaton and Patrick Walsh, script consultant Ciji Guerin and actors Levy Baltazar, Tiffany Groben, Glenn Gutman, Erin Celeste Russell, and Tanya Thompson from Act Now Studio.

Excerpts from the workshop:

SDC director Sam Hull sets the tone for our New Works Workshop – Fall 2015

SDC director Patrick Walsh workshops Dramatist Guild playwright George Taylor’s play Ghosts in the Canvas in our New Works Workshop – Fall 2015

SDC director Sam Hull workshops a scene from Kathleen Tomko’s play, 18 Days of the Butterfly at our New Works Workshop, Fall 2015

Watch SDC director Michelle Seaton show Dramatist Guild Playwright George Taylor how a shift in the scene order of his new play might better articulate his vision.