Joe Healy, Murri Lazaroff-Babin in Ciji Guerin’s Noisemaker.

We C0-Produce  two or more shows at a time by collaborating with producers and producing artists to build an artistic team, raise funds, promote, and produce the work together. The joint premieres are presented in rotation at a single venue, which allows both shows to share costs and audiences, while giving audiences more variety of content and opportunities to attend.

NWTW productions are self-selected by the playwright/performance-maker’s completion of a rigorous Create and Develop dramaturgical process and passion to Co-Produce at a professional level.

In Spring 2017, Noisemaker and Jaffa Gate, our first two plays to complete this process, premiered at Shaking the Tree Studio Theatre in Portland, Oregon.

Dre Slaman, Andy Haftkowycz, Sofia May-Cuxim in Wayne Harrel’s Jaffa Gate.