Why Give?

Your contribution makes a difference!

There are a lot of ways for you to give support and become involved with NWTW. Your contribution, regardless of its size, is vital to our success.

Donations enable us to empower the artists here in Portland by providing them with the critical tools and resources they need to Create, Develop, co-Produce their own creative works in a manner that honors their individuality and liberates their unique vision and Connect that vision to a larger audience.

Donations give us the power to work with mixed level creative teams, providing emerging artists with their first professional opportunities and giving vetran theatre makers a chance to pass on their skills, knowledge and experience.

Only half of our budget comes from our programs and services, so we rely on individuals like you to raise the rest of the funds that make it possible for us to do this work. That’s why you are so important.

Together, we will empower local playwrights, performance makers and emerging artists, enrich Portland’s cultural landscape and inspire lively, timely, democratic discussion in our community.

You can also support NWTW through Amazon Smiles.